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Psychic Medium
Past Life Regression TherapistReiki Master/Teacher/HealerTarot Reader/TeacherTransformational & Inspirational SpeakerSpiritual Batik Artist

Psychic & Mediumistic Tarot recorded readings in person, via telephone or skype.

Therapies, Workshops and Development Courses

My courses are all designed to enable each and every student to learn more about who they are, what is their purpose, how they can lead a happier, more fulfilling life and how to harness their personal power.      

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Be aware of signs from the Spiritual Realms as we move further into this time of enlightenment. Signs such as 11:11

11:11 is affectionately known as “The Wake-Up Call”  Many of you will have experienced suddenly noticing your digital clock or watch at 11:11. To notice 11:11 a couple of times could be seen as coincidence but this is no coincidence. The numbers 11:11 have a powerful effect on those who witness them.   Our DNA is programmed to recognise and react to 11:11. We become aware of the bridge between our physical and spiritual selves. This permutation of numbers awakens our true selves and our true reason for being here at this time – our purpose. Our DNA, once activated, encourages our minds to think differently, to consider life changes, to feel more compassion to others and to embrace the fact that we are all one. This oneness, this unity of mankind, can only help to unite the world; to achieve universal peace and harmony; to preach LOVE, GRATITUDE, THANKS & BLESSINGS to all that is.  Namaste.


Namaste!   The word Namaste (Na-ma-stay) is a Sanskrit word used as a salutation or blessing. Can be translated as:


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