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Angela Grace

About me

Having spent best part of a year out due to family commitments, I am now running my courses and workshops once more. I have updated the forthcoming events page and look forward to hearing from new and old students (*old* as in - long term!)

I have spent a lot of my time out catching up on reading and studying and I would thoroughly recommend "Heartsong" by Stephen Shaw as well as his "I Am". I am about to read his subsequent books. He writes in a very flowing, engaging and gentle spiritual manner, luring the reader into his unravelling web of spiritual experiences.

Inspirational Authors

The following authors are truly inspirational and I thoroughly recommend reading their books

Brian L Weiss MD

Stephen Shaw 

Rik Clay

Past Life Regression

I have now added my Spring 2014 workshops and included the brand new Past Life Regression Workshop. If the idea of exploring your past lives appeals to you and you would like to learn more about it and observe other students' experiences under past life hypnosis, then book up now as places are limited

Venetia and her fab blog  check this out as Venetia is a good friend of mine  and she has set up an exciting new concept where therapists, nutritionist, psychic mediums etc all congregate to enlighten us on how to look, feel and be fab in 2013. A must view xx

The Twelfth Insight

Hi Everyone

I am off to Sydney for the month of March and am taking my copy of The Twelfth Insight  to read on the  plane. This is the second copy I have bought of this book and to date I have leant it to several people but have not got down to reading it myself. Bring on the flight! If you manage to read it by the time I get back, send me your comments. I loved the Celestine Prophecy, Eleventh Insight and the Shambala and have the same expectations form this book

Batik Gallery

I am very excited as my Batik Gallery at Stoke Mandeville Hospital is doing very well and the Bucks Herald has just done an article on me in today's publication. For more information on my Batik work and to find out about classes in Batik, please view Angelique Batik and Forthcoming events

I am Back

It has been ages since I added a new blog and I have now moved into ultra-efficient mode. 

I have become a Batik Artist and am very excited about my new career. I attended once a week 2 hour classes at the Queen's Park Centre in Aylesbury and thanks to Elaine Conway's (my teacher) support, I have turned my hobby into a business. I now have a gallery on display at Stoke Mandeville hospital and yesterday the local paper photographed me displaying my work. I have sold several paintings already and 20% of the sales goes to the Stoke Mandeville Hospital charity. Having heard on the news that charities are struggling, I feel it is very important that we all try to do our bit to support these important organisations and I plan to exhibit at more charity events. If you know of a charity which would display my work and in turn receive 20% of sales, then please let me know. Love & light until next time - which wont be long this time x

End of the world or enlightenment?

This is an interesting article in the midst of speculation about the end of the world and I would value your comments. The Golden Age of Enlightenment or Extinction? By Jay Weidner

Jan Lee Chapman

More information on this lovely medium Jan Lee Chapman - follow this link to her website 
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