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The Magician
The Tarot Major Arcana - The Magician 
Key words 


The Magician is represented by the number one which is about new beginnings. We can re-invent ourselves at any time in our life knowing that we have the power, knowledge, wisdom and potential to achieve whatever we want to achieve as long as we believe in ourselves.
In the Fool's journey the Magician represents his outward positive, masculine and active energy. So the Fool is the newly born child learning about his new world and he has the courage to go forward and be adventurous. As an innocent child has no concerns about failure and feels the world is his oyster.
The magician is displayed with all the tools at his disposal; the pentacle for security and stability; the cup for emotional contentment and love; the wand for passion and ambition and the sword for the intelligence, ideas and communication.
He holds in his hand the wand of power from above (spirit) connecting with the downward hand of power in the physical world. "As above so below" which basically means what we feel and believe internally, manifests outwardly.
The figure of eight,  infinity sign or lemniscate represents the harmonious interaction of emotions and thoughts and it is the symbol of eternity.
The ouroborous around his waist is the symbol of the snake eating its tail and is the symbol of cycles beginning and ending. When one cycle ends, a new one begins - eternally.
The Magician is closely associated with the planet Mercury; communication and logical reasoning.
He wears a red cloak and the colour red signifies willpower, passion, action, optimism and courage. His white dress represents new intellectual frontiers an protection.

The Magician asks "Am I realising my full potential?", "I have all the knowledge within me, to manifest my own destiny" "I have the power".
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