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The language of flowers
Many flower images adorn this website as I have a fascination for floriography, the language of flowers.

The lotus flower is one of the eight auspicious symbols of the East and Chinese poets often referred to this noble flower as an inspiration to people struggling through difficult circumstances, as the lotus itself emerges in full beauty from the muddy boggy depths. It symbolises beauty, light, faith, truth and enlightenment. Through purity and divine wisdom one can achieve the highest level of consciousness.

Orchids symbolise love and beauty.

Pink rose buds embrace perfect happiness and grace.
Pansies promote thoughtful reflection.
Ferns symbolise sincerity and magic.


Cherry blossom in Japanese culture represents the transience of life. Nothing stays the same. In Chinese culture it stands for feminine beauty, feminine dominance and love.
Lilies often depicted in early religious art represented spirituality. In Feng Shui they create abundance.
The white lily is purity of thought and action and the ancient Egyptians believed the lily to be the symbol of fertility.
Water lilies are for the pure of heart.
Daisies represents innocence and purity
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