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The Fool
Rider Waite Tarot deck - The Fool
Key words of the Fool card are:
New beginnings

There are 22 Major Arcana cards in the standard Tarot deck of 78 cards.
The Major Arcana represent the journey of life and this journey is often referred to as The Fool's Journey.
The first card of  the Major Arcana is the Fool card. The Fool is numbered 0 and he represents the start of a new journey. This journey can begin at any time in the Fool's life.
Imagine a young child, innocent and ready and willing to take on any challenges without fear of failure. many times in our lives we have the opportunity to take a leap of faith and embrace something new.
It can be scary to step out of our comfort zone and you will see on the card that although he looks like he does not have a care in the world, he needs to be aware that any new journey may have risks. The imminent cliff fall could hold him back but he is prepared to trust that he will be safe and protected.
So his new journey could be foolish - or maybe not. Only by trying something new with total confidence and trusting the universe will provide the abundance he needs, will he go forward and learn.
The Fool card is associated with the planet Uranus. Uranus challenges us to free ourselves from conformity and challenges us to re-invent ourselves. Uranus is sudden flashes of insight and mad genius.
The number zero is the number of pure potential or absolute beginnings.
Symbols on the Fool card:
White rose - spiritual protection.
Dog  - nature will follow and work with man.
Feather - wind, air, freedom.
Laurel wreath - another new cycle and victory.
Precipice - Stepping down from spiritual heights to physical manifestation.
These are the basic symbols on the Fool card but an in depth study will reveal the hidden meanings of many more of the symbols.

The Fool is saying "Am I ready to make a leap of faith?" "Do I realise that I can start again at an time in my life?" "I cannot make major changes in my life unless I leap into the unknown and step outside my comfort zone".
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