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The Age of Aquarius
Awareness brings realization.  Realization causes an awakening.    Awakening brings us to an in-Lightened state.  In the Light, you will find your truth....and finally you will know the power is within YOU.

From the book, COMES THE AWAKENING: Realizing the Divine Nature Of Who You Are,  by Lia Shapiro.
This is the dawning of the Age of AquariusThe Age of AquariusThe planets affect each and every one of us in different ways."When the moon is in the seventh house
and jupiter aligns with mars
The peace will guide the planets and love will steer the stars

this is the dawning of the age of aquarius
the age of aquarius aquarius aquarius

harmony and understanding
sympathy and trust abounding
no more falsehoods or derisions
golden living dreams of visions
mystic crystals revelations
and the minds true liberation aquarius aquarius

when the moon is in the seventh house
and jupiter aligns with mars
then peace will guide the planets
and love will steer the stars

this is the dawning of the age of aquarius
the age of aquarius aquarius aquarius"

Aquarius from the Musical Hair
Lyrics by James Rado & Gerome Ragni
What is the Age of Aquarius.
We are the Universe; the Universe is us.The Aquarian Age is the 2,150-year cycle that follows the Piscean Age and is sponsored by the Ascended Master Saint Germain and his divine compliment, the Ascended Lady Master Portia. The Aquarian Age is the age of Freedom.
The Aquarian age will bring the knowledge to help us evolve and raise our levels of consciousness; our vibration.
Astrologers and many others see each age as being ruled by specific ideas or concepts. Many see the Age of Aquarius as being the age of computers, freedom, electricity, rebels, astrology, and humanitarianism, among others ideas. Some hope the age will bring in a time of philanthropy and peace, while others expect a time of unrest, nonconformity, and even rebellion. Some think man will leave earth and become decentralised as we spread across the galaxy. Many do not agree on what the Age of Aquarius 2012 beginning will bring to mankind, but all agree some kind of change is coming.
The ruling planet of Aquarius is Uranus and for the next 2000 years Uranus will be the primary energy for all life.
Uranus represents the process of breaking free and connecting with universal wholeness; of separating out who you really are from all the stereotypes and pressures placed upon us by society. 
Uranus - the planet for the Age of Aquarius
Uranus is sudden flashes of insight, mad genius. Uranus interrupts normal reality and challenges you to re-invent yourself.
If you fail to recognise and respond to your Uranus challenge, you may feel trapped and rebellious, experiencing anxiety, nervous tension, or unpleasant surprises like accidents.
The planets affect the macrocosm, the Earth and that which affects the Earth in turn affects the microcosm, mankind. So we know that Uranus will have a profound affect on the Earth during the age of Aquarius and therefore it will also have a profound affect on each and every one of us.
The Major Arcana card in the Tarot associated with Uranus and Aquarius is the Star.
The basic meaning of the Star is hope, generosity, serenity, wishes coming true, good health and spiritual awareness. The negative side of the Star is lack of trust and cynicism.
The Star is number 17 in the Major Arcana and 17 = 8 (1+7) which is the number for gentle strength and courage. This card is filled with joy, peace, love, harmony and inspiration. This is exactly what Uranus promises as its energy infuses our planet now.
The Sun, Moon and planets affect our lives in many waysInfluence of the Planets
We know that the Sun and Moon influence our lives and personalities.
Our Sun sign (or Star sign as it is more commonly known) is determined by the position of the Sun at the time of our birth. It is equally important to understand the positioning of the Moon and planets at the time of our birth in order to create a full picture of our personality.
When I was born the Moon was in Pisces, Cancer was rising, Venus was in Scorpio, Mars was in Pisces and all the other planets were in specific astrological positions.
The Sign rising over the horizon at the time of your birth is the Ascendant, or Rising sign
So my Sun sign of Capricorn tells me I am an earth sign along with billions of other beings. Once I examine my Moon sign, I enter a sub-group of Capricorns with their Moon in Pisces and this group narrows into yet another sub-group of humans with Sun in Capricorn, Moon in Pisces and Venus in Scorpio etc. Astrologers do not simply evaluate our personality by our Sun sign. 
I was the only baby born in that hospital bed, in that hospital, in that town at that moment, so I can consider myself unique. However I am part of "All that is " and "All that is", is part of me. Therefore I experience exactly the same global changes but perceive them in my own unique way, due to my own unique make-up.
Gustav Holst "The Planets' Suite"  was heavily influenced by his knowledge of astrology and mythology. Each composition musically captures the essence of the planet.
Mercury for communication
Mercury was named after the Roman god, known as the winged messenger and his equivalent in Greek mythology is Hermes. Mercury, was the patron of travellers, merchants rogues, and thieves; as well as being the Roman wind deity. Mercury moves faster than earth and periodically it appears to retrograde, or travel backwards. As Mercury is the planet of communication, it wreaks havoc during that time. 
Mercury represents thinking and speaking; learning; communication; and your brain and nervous system. Mercury seeks to label or to find a logical reason for everything, and it tends to look toward the external world for its reasons.
The Major Arcana card associated with Mercury is the Magician. The Magician is masculine, active power. It represents conscious awareness and processing information given externally as opposed to drawing on deeper subconscious knowledge. He is confident, knowledgeable and powerful.
Venus, or Aphrodite in Greek mythology, is always seen as the planet of love, harmony and appreciation of beauty. It is the planet of artistic creation and appreciation.Venus was a Roman goddess principally associated with love, beauty and fertility. The Major Arcana card associated with Venus is primarily the Empress, the archetype of birth, fertility, motherhood, harmony, nature, abundance, joy, love and artistic ambition.
Mars, or Ares in Greek mythology, was named after the Roman god of war and it represents the process of focusing the power of your will into action, taking initiative, bravery, ambition and survival. Mars is masculine energy as opposed to the More gentle feminine energy of Venus. The Emperor is the Mars Major Arcana card and symbols of Aries the ram adorn his throne. The Emperor is willpower, authority and he wears armour ready to do battle.
Ref : John Gray "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus"
Jupiter - bringer of joyJupiter
Gustav Holst piece entitled "Jupiter the bringer of jollity" personifies all the attributes of Jupiter; joy, opportunity, love of freedom, faith in life itself. The Wheel of Fortune is the Major Arcana card associated with Jupiter and the Wheel of Fortune represents new cycles, optimism, vision and a wider perspective.
Jupiter represents Faith; faith in life itself. It is the process of expanding and overflowing; Joy, Opportunity, Love of freedom, Generosity.
Saturn represents the process of energy slowing down and concentrating into form. Saturn is associated with society's structures, like government, rules, regulations, high powered businesses and people "at the top". This process of forming structure demands stern intensity and precise, sober, devoted discipline but it enables us to turn our weaknesses into strengths.
Neptune or Poseidon as named by the ancient Greeks,  was named after the Roman god of the sea and it is interesting that he rules the sea, the sea being water and the root of our emotions and subconscious feelings.
Neptune delves deeply into our subconscious and encourages us to face what is illusion and what is real. Neptune often drags us into the depths of despair, turning to alcohol or drugs as a form of escapism as we instinctively know there is something more than what we perceive but this knowledge without proof can often make us feel lost, abandoned and confused, with no real understanding of why. It is only through a total understanding that we are part of the Universe, or God and the Universe, or God, is part of us, that we begin to see the light and release the need for escapism and embrace "All that is", which is our spiritual awakening and peace of mind.
In the Tarot , Mercury is represented by the Moon card and this card displays, in many decks, a drowning cray fish desperately clambering out of the water. Either side of him are the domesticated dog and wild wolf. Above him he sees the moon. The wolf howls at the moon. Werewolves and lunatics are always affected by the lunar changes; the moon. The domestic dog is stable, sensible. Neptune asks you to tune into your personal truths. What is real to you and what is false?
The Hanged Man Major Arcana Tarot card is also associated with Neptune and the Hanged Man asks us to let go, release the struggle for control, allow ourselves to surrender to our experiences rather than fight them and allow joy and the natural flow of life to take over. Find strength from our inner selves and believe that all is as it should be in our world.
Pluto invites you to face your deepest fears and conqueror themPluto was named after the Greek and Roman God of the lower world. (Roman name: Pluto; Greek name: Hades)

Pluto represents the process of death and regeneration. Pluto demands that you face your own wounds, squarely and honestly. If you meet its demands, it offers you a way to create a sense of meaning in your life.
Pluto encourages us to face our deepest, darkest fears then deal with them heal them and find your deepest meaning in life. Pluto pushes you to look deeply within the darkest part of you self; to dig in the dirt and find the treasure buried there. In the Tarot Pluto is represented by the Judgement card and in most decks, the Judgement card depicts an angel bearing down on beings reaching for the light, free from their clothes (issues and needs) and willing to look up with arms outstretched.
Pluto offers rebirth, rejoicing, absolution and new potential having released all previous negative thought patterns.
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