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The daisy - innocence and purity.
Angela has the most amazing talent and she certainly seems to have a hot line to my relatives in spirit!  A friend put me on to Angela when my personal life was in chaos and I had almost totally lost the plot. Nobody could have second guessed with such accuracy what had happened in my life. Angela said something along the lines ‘I don’t know if this makes any sense to you, but I will just give you what I am being given…’. She proceeded to relay exactly what had happened. She also told me there had been some good news, a promotion or something and I had almost overlooked it – I had just got the promotion I had been waiting a very long time for, and it had felt like a damp squib. Angela described exactly what had happened, the personalities involved, their respective professions, their star signs, and their family relationships. She also told me what would happen. I left that session more focused, with a deep sense of calm, with a greater insight and clarity, and with hope..
I give my thanks and love to all who have taken the time and trouble to send me testimonialsJane from Aylesbury
My father died young. My wedding was one of those milestones in life when I most missed him. But, I realise now, through Angela, that he was there because she has told me all of the following things: I had planned to wear a large locket with his photo inside however, I could not find a photo to fit and for some reason I could not ask my mother for one; I had fresh rose petals for confetti which had come from my uncle’s rose garden; the vicar made a mistake with names and essentially married my brother (instead of me) to my husband. When Angela was talking about my wedding, she said but now I see you in pink and you are outside an old church but I think you were married in a new church. Ah! That was me at my brother’s wedding when I was a bridesmaid in pink.
J.S Buckinghamshire
I was recommended to see Angela by a personal friend and after that encounter I would strongly and personally recommend Angela to others, as I have been. I found Angela's readings to be very truthful, genuine and inspiring. This is as it was not just the case of believing every word which was said to me or that I accepted everything that I was told, but because I believed that what was told to me by Angela was true (as Angela told me things that no one else could have known) and that Angela made me realise that I had the power within to make the differences in my life where I wanted to. It was not just a case of turning up and listening, but turning up and acknowledging what was being said to me. This in itself should interpret that I didn't like some of the things I was told, however, I chose to accept it and move on. I was then able to go away and do something with it, which is what has contributed to being one of my life changing experiences. There is a big difference with getting this type of spiritual help compared to other kinds of help available to you. Somehow, through means I cannot explain, you feel that the help you get from Angela is help you cannot get from anyone else. Angela is a very kind, friendly and empathetic lady who understands every situation that life presents. I can not explain this much further than I already have, however, I would recommend that you take a chance and see how great Angela really is and how she can help you!
Tania Hertfordshire
Angela is very gentle when you meet her and I was very nerous as I had never had a reading before. She told me that she would give me information and only ask me to say yes or no and that I must feel free to say no if I didnt understand what she had given me. She did not want any background information. She helped me so much as she made me feel that I was actually able to make the changes I needed in my life as she often referred to my past and the painful experiences I had gone through, with accurate ages that I had experienced them. She then told me about future events and I had to wait for these to unfold and she told me I would get an invitation to go to New York out of the blue and it did happen within a month of my reading. I am now a regular visitor to Angela and can't rate her highly enough. She always says that it is what she is given and she is certainly not ego orientated and I recommend her to all my friends.
Sarah Marbella
When I met Angela she wasnt supposed to be working but I asked her to do me a reading as I was lost and needed guidance. She just sat next to me and told me all about my life and where I was repeating negative patterns and what was there for me. She mentioned a name of a man I would meet and marry and I know its hard to believe but I did meet that man and we have been married now for two years and are very happy. Thank you Angela
Marie-Anne Sydney
I met Angela in a country and western bar and arranged for her to do a reading for me. I have had many readings and she blew me away with information about my loved ones in the spirit world. She told me of the quirky ways my father had and private things I placed in his coffin when he died. I was amazed and consoled. I highly recommend Angela as she is very compassionate and so warm and friendly.
Lulu Nashville
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