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The Reiki Principles

Just For Today Do Not Worry.
Just For Today Do Not Anger.
Honour Your Parents Teachers And Elders.
Earn Your Living Honestly.
Show Gratitude To Every Living Thing.
Reiki is a powerful healing energy
Reiki is a powerful natural system that unlocks the inner flow of vital energy. 
Reiki is an evolutionary process that increases the natural flow of events and patterns of manifestation in life.        
Reiki is always available. Once attuned to the Reiki energy, you never lose it. 
Reiki is safe and easy to use anytime, any place, any situation. 
Reiki is an individual experience. 
Reiki restores and balances natural energy. 
Reiki is for preventing disorders, maintaining positive wellness and helping the healing process. 
Reiki is a powerful tool for personal development and spiritual enlightenment. 
Reiki is for you and everyone alive who is desirous of a higher quality of life. 
Reiki is beneficial when used with medical or other procedures. 
Reiki enhances medications, quickens healing time, reduces the need for anaesthetic. 
Reiki is a completely self-contained natural healing system. It is complete and whole in and of itself, yet acts synergistically with other types of healing. 
Reiki is spiritually guided. 
Reiki is transcendental energy. It works with physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. 
Reiki is correspondent to the 4 elements: Earth/physical, Water/emotional, Air/mental, and Fire/spiritual energies. 
Elements waterElements - water - emotions
Reiki is safe, it cannot be used to manipulate or control. 
Reiki works whether you believe in it or not. 
Reiki is an intelligent energy that goes to the area of greatest need. 
Elements - earth physical wellbeing
Elements - fire and airReiki is not difficult to use. 
Reiki is not a religion or cult. 
Reiki is not a dogma or specific doctrine of beliefs. 
Reiki is not a form of hypnosis. 
Reiki is not psychic healing or psychic surgery. 
Reiki is not a massage technique. 
Reiki is not just for when you are ill. 
Reiki is not imagination or wishful thinking. 
Reiki is not limited to a select few people. 
Reiki does not interfere with medical treatments
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