Angela Grace Mimosawood - Reiki Masters Course
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Reiki Masters
“If you are ready to give up everything to take Reiki into the world, you are ready to become a Reiki Master!”  
                       Hawayo Takata     Grand Master
Reiki Master - the highest level of Reiki.
Summary of the course
  • Student motivation for the Master Training
  • Understanding of the changes that will take place – being willing to allow changes, however painful, to take place.
  • Understanding of the time and commitment required to be a Reiki Master
  • Living Reiki
  • Understanding unconditional Love
  • Understanding the responsibility required towards clients and students
  • Confidentiality
  • Examination of the Reiki Level 1 & 2 manuals compiled including Teaching Aids, Diary, Course work forms, Leaflets, Client Registration Forms, Student Itineraries and Certificates
  • Reiki Master Coursework & Healing Diary to be assessed
  • Reiki Master’s Atunement. 
  • Reiki Master Manual, Master Symbol and Antahkarana
  • Attuning students
Taking Reiki to a higher level 
Reiki healing and reiki courses 
As a Reiki Master, my commitment to my students is to be readily available at any time for questions about the Reiki Master’s course, both during the course and afterwards. 
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