Angela Grace Mimosawood - Reiki Level One Course
Mimosawood - committed to your spiritual development
Reiki Level One
This weekend course is designed to teach the first level of Reiki and upon completion of the course; students will be able to administer Reiki to themselves, friends, family, pets, plants etc.
Reiki healing an ancient healing rediscovered by Dr Usui
Reiki is a valuable experience for anyone who is on their spiritual path.
Students will be provided with a comprehensive Reiki Manual, certificate and ongoing support from me, as Reiki Master.
Places are limited to small groups, so booking is essential.
The course covers Reiki attunements, Chakras, meditation, understanding and working with Reiki and Quan Yin(featured below).
During the two-day Reiki Level One course, students receive four attunements to the Reiki healing energy.
Understanding chakras (energy centres located in the body) is important when embracing holistic healing.
Simple meditation techniques are taught and students are taken on a guided meditation each day of the course.
Quan Yin
The beautiful gentle energy of the goddess Quan Yin is invoked during the attunements.
Quan Yin - Goddess of compassion and mercy
Goddess of :
Spiritual enlightenment
Musical abilities
Embrace Reiki healing
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