Angela Grace Mimosawood - Psychic Development
Mimosawood - committed to your spiritual development
Psychic development workshop
Candle reading - one of the many psychic development tools.
Psychic Development Workshops 
Flower reading for psychic development
Experience meditation
Connect with your Spirit Guides and Angels
Understand the power of Archangel energy
Practice psychometry'
Experiment with candle, ribbon & flower reading
See auras
Develop your psychic potential
Expand your self-awareness
Meet like-minded people
Have an enjoyable time
Expand your spiritual consciousness and psychic awareness with the psychic development workshop

It doesn't matter where you are on your spiritual path as all abilities are welcome. These one-day workshops are designed to give students the opportunity to try out psychic development and a 6-part foundation course in psychic development is available for students who wish to take their abilities further.
Crystal balls have been used by mediums for centuries for scrying. Other tools include the Tarot, psychometry, ribbons, palmistry and flowers. There are hundreds of ways to tap into your psychic awareness.
Psychic development tools
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