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About Mediumship
Your loved ones are closer than you think; send them a thought, for thought is powerful in the spirit world.

Understanding Mediumistic and Psychic Gifts
Imagine trying to tune in to a particular channel on the radio – in this instance the spirit world channel. You have to find the right frequency – the one that the spirit world works from. The medium can do just that – tune in to the right frequency.  So the medium becomes the communication link between this world and the spirit world.
Steps to heaven - linking the world of spirit with the physical world through mediumship and meditation
There are various ways in which this communication can occur. The most common forms are clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience.
Most mediums use a combination of senses when they connect with spirit. Whichever way information is channelled, it is given as guidance and support for those wishing to receive it. 
There have always been a lot of contradictory views on the difference between psychics and mediums.
 Working purely psychically means making predictions and sensing past and present events by linking with the energy of a person or object, therefore obtaining information intuitively. 
Working as a medium means connecting with the spirit world.  Many mediums are also psychic and many psychics do connect with spirit.
Both psychics and mediums may also use techniques to help them focus or tune in, for example, Tarot cards or a crystal ball.
It’s all very confusing isn’t it?  Also just to add to the confusion - all humans are psychic. Some people are just more tuned in to the vibrations of their surroundings.  Some people listen to their ‘gut’ feelings and act on their instincts or hunches more than others.  However the information is transmitted to us, it is given to guide and help us if we wish to receive it and we as mediums and psychics are encouraged to use our gifts for the highest good of everyone, irrespective of what religion or faith you have.
Clairvoyance, Clairaudience & Clairsentience
Clairvoyance is literally clear seeing. Clairvoyants can see pictures and people either in their third eye, is subjective clairvoyance or actually see the spirit world in the same way we would see each other. This form of clairvoyance is known as objective clairvoyance.
Clairaudience is literally clear hearing. Clairaudients can hear in their minds (words come to them) which is subjective clairaudience or actually hear the words spoken by the spirit world. This form of clairaudience is known as objective clairaudience and one of the most famous clairaudient is Doris Stokes.
Clairsentience is clear feeling. Clairsentients often sense the personality and character traits of our loved ones in the spirit world and frequently the loved one will impress on the clairsentient's body how they passed or what area of the body troubled them.
Mediums are either clairvoyant, clairaudient or clairsentient but often use a combination of all three when communicating with the spirit world. There are other methods our loved ones can use to communicate with us. Examples are such as olfactory  (smelling aromas and fragrances such as cigarette smoke or favourite fragrances of a loved one, clairgustance (tasting), clairempathy (feeling the emotions) and clairknowing (speaking without thinking about the subject as if simply knowing).
Mediums will often hold a piece of jewelery belonging to our loved one in the spirit world as their energy will still remain on the item. Images, feelings and experiences are "picked up".
Jewelery as a tool for psychometry
Jewellery as a tool for Psychometry
Photographs are another method frequently used to connect with the spirit world.
Trance Mediumship & Channeling
Making contact with those in the spirit world can be achieved by many methods but none are so intense, so utterly absorbing and emotionally fulfilling as trance, channeling, overshadowing or inspired talking. It is perhaps the closest form of communication between spirit guides and the medium and is usually confined to working circles. In the Victoria times circles were referred to as seances.
The early demonstrations of mediumship were all very physical, such as rappings, table tipping, materialisations, etc. Modern mediums work by using the mind as receiver and relaying information to those who need it, and the evidence given of survival in this manner can be even more convincing. I have seen many amazing physical demonstrations including a small table walking up a wall, greeting each individual guest by bowing and returning by itself to its original position.
When mediums train they will often sit in a development circle, here they learn to make contact with the spirit world and may find they have the capacity for trance work. They may also be able to listen to the wise and informative words of a spirit guide spoken through a trance medium.
Spirit people, when communicating can be of varying distances from the medium, indeed most mediums can usually describe whether a communicator is to the left, right or behind them. But spirit guides who have a strong connection with their medium are able to come closer into our aura.
There are different levels of this type of communication, when the medium enters deeper states of trance.
Inspired Speaking

Similar to overshadowing, the guide is directing the medium in what to say. Mediums who give clairvoyant readings in spiritualist churches and in private sitting are often inspired by their guides. When I conduct private readings, I have no idea what I am going to say and simply open my mouth and speak. What follows is the words and thoughts of my guides. Guides do not recognise time and distance which means the medium can conduct distance readings via telephone or letter or even email with the same ease as one-to-one readings.

In this particular form of communication the spirit guide or communicator has become very close to the medium, with the complete agreement of the medium. The spirit guide influences the medium enabling the medium to be speak for the communicating guide. The voice will remain that of the medium but the words will be of the guide, and the medium will be able to let the guide address those in the circle. Usually this will be an informative talk on spiritual matters, and on some occasions those in the circle will be able to ask questions of the guide. Other mediums in the circle might be able to see the guide overshadowing the medium.
Full Trance / Channeling

This is perhaps the more well known form of spirit trance communication, again with the full co-operation of the medium. In this form the medium will spend a few moments attuning to their guide. After a brief period the medium will have become an instrument for the guide, the guide being able to use his/ her voice directly. In explanation the medium has simply withdrawn to allow the spirit communicator through and will be unaware of the words actually spoken by him. Often tape recordings of these meetings are made to enable the medium to benefit from what was said. I have witnessed many mediums working in full trance and it is mind-blowing to hear a totally different voice speaking through the medium. During a few of these trance sessions, I have seen the guide appearing over the medium. Mediums can seem to change their appearance when the guide transfigures onto them. At one spiritualist church I used to attend, the host medium, a middle aged Englishman, became a small ancient Jewish man who imparted thought-provoking wisdom on his audience.
Guides want to impart great knowledge and teachings. They will often invite questions from the audience. The words spoken by guides are eloquent, knowledgeable and reasonable to our intelligence. A truly tranced medium will not be stuck for answers to questions, though we may not always hear what we expect.
Famous accounts of trance mediums and their guides are Silver Birch, Madame Blavatsky, founder of the Theosophical Society and channel for  Ascended Masters Djwhal Khul, El Moraya and Master Kuthumi.
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