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Meaning of Colours - Red
Colour is light of different wavelengths and frequencies and each colour has its own properties and unique wavelength and frequency.
Red roses are given as a sign of true love.Red has the lowest wavelength and frequency and the colour red relates to our stability, security, physical energy, passion, courage, power, will and our survival.
The root chakra vibrates with the colour red and if the root chakra is out of balance, adding the colour red to our daily life can harmonise and rebalance it. Red is associated with the element Earth, the sense of smell and the suit of pentacles, coins or discs in the Tarot.
Red can be added by eating red foods such as red peppers, red apples, tomatoes. Try adding red crystals to a glass of drinking water or even drink from a red coloured glass and this colour will be absorbed into the body.
Red clothing can be worn to stimulate security, courage and energy and gives a kick-start to boosting the immune system.
The colour red stimulates the blood.Red is also associated with lust, passion, love, and beauty. "Red Light district", "Scarlet woman". Research has shown that men find women are more attractive when they wear red. Men also find a blushing woman very endearing.
Further psychological research has shown that the colour red stimulates much stronger reactions than any other colour in the spectrum and for that reason, warnings and danger signs are often red.
"Red carpet", "paint the town red" and "red letter day" indicate powerful and stimulating occasions. In mediaeval times only kings, cardinals, judges and executioners were allowed to wear denoting their power over life and death.
Red traffic light, red card, red alert and red flag are typical examples of gaining immediate response and acknowledgement.
Warning signs in red have more impact.
Too much red in a room can manifest anger eg seeing red, red rag to a bull, red tape!,
If you are "in the red" add more red into your life to increase financial security and wear red when you want to feel confident and in control.
If you drive a red car, you  are telling the world you are sexy, passionate and dynamic.
In the Tarot Major Arcana, the Magician is seen wearing a red cloak of power and strength, the Emperor, Justice and The Hierophant are also clothed in red signifying power and authority.
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