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Meaning of Colour - Indigo
Indigo, a blend of blue and purple, is the colour of inner knowledge and has a deep effect on our co-ordination, wisdom, imagination, inner vision and mental clarity. It is a colour for sedating and calming, unlike the raw reds and oranges. It induces a medative state and connects us with our mystical gifts.
Indigo vibrates at the same frequency as the Third Eye chakra, the centre for clairvoyance (clear seeing). A balanced Third Eye chakra enables attainment of self-mastery and reveals the mysterious world of the sixth sense. Psychic ability increases, as does intuition and the door to the subconscious opens.
Red, orange and yellow relate to the physical world and major everyday life issues of security, stability, emotional fulfilment, passion and drive. They vibrate at a slower frequency than green, the heart centre. This centre connects to the world outside our physical world and forms the transition between the lower and higher energy centres. It is the seat of love for mankind, love of self and love of the Divine. The indigo or Third Eye chakra, one of the higher vibrations and introduces the inner world of the subconscious and the outer world of spirit and the higher self.
Blueberries would be the main food vibrating with indigo and it is no coincidence that blueberries have become a superfood.
Indigo - the colour of intutionDrivers of dark blue cars are confident with constant moods.
In the Tarot the Major Arcana card best associated with indigo is the High Priestess. She sits in front of the veil of the inner self, the subconscious and the blue-print of her life's journey. She exudes calm inner wisdom unlike the magician, who is overtly all powerul and active. She is the ultimate in feminine energy, yin and passive confidence. She has an inner-knowing. Another Major Arcana cards depicting dark blue, is the Moon card and this card relates to dreams, inner voices and subconscious thought.
Indigo children
There are many articles on the internet on the sujbect of Indigo children who are are extremely empathetic, intuitive and psychically aware. They are restless in this physical world and are passionate about nature, the outdoors, flora and fauna.
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