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The Meaning of Colours Gold

Gold is associated with power wealth and  prosperity and although it encourages wealth, too much gold  has the Midas effect and  creates greed.

Gold is actually associated with wealth of spirit and not physical wealth but is seen to represent  absolute authority, perfection, self-esteem, self-confidence, wealth and luxury.

People who drive gold cars value themselves. They are warm, intelligent people who enjoy comfort and  and self-worth, are often warm and independent and are financially comfortable..

Gold is masculine and active. It is a colour associated with the sun and male energy, value of oneself and success.

In the Elizabethan period only people of wealth and social standing were allowed to wear the colour gold but they were misguided as they believed that spiritual attainment was achieved through wealth and power and being part of the Upper Classes.

Alchemists were purported to have the ability to turn base metals into gold. Turning base metals into gold really means acknowledging that we are masters of our own destiny. We can turn our lives into what we desire if we believe it it possible.

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