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Manifesting - success stories
Manifest abundance in your life.
My experiences:
I have placed my orders with the universe on many occasions and have never been disappointed and many times, absolutely amazed at the results. So I have decided to share some of my success stories with you.
Manifesting a job:
An example of the power of ordering from the cosmos with no prior knowledge that this powerful tool was actually available is when I moved to Peterborough many years ago. Having just moved to this city, I needed to find a job and so I pondered over what type of job would suit me. With a background in sales, I knew I would gravitate to this area but wanted to sell a product that stimulated me and gave me job satisfaction. So I came up with the idea of working in an estate agents, even though I had no experience in this sector.
I stated out loud that I wanted to work in an estate agents in the heart of the city and that this agent would be opening a new branch in this area. Within days I spotted a vacancy for an established estate agent opening up a new branch in the heart of Peterborough. I applied immediately, was interviewed and offered the job at the interview.
My cottage:
Six years ago I was looking for a new home and considered what type of accommodation would appeal to me. I narrowed it down to a cottage and my criteria were that it was not going to be in a town nor village. It would have to be safe, secure and full of charm. In my mind I created a cute cottage with wooden floors, log burner, two bedrooms, beams, small secluded garden and no grass. I also stated that this property must be at a price i could easily afford.
Two days later I was strolling around a town I rarely visited as it was over an hour away from where I lived at that time. I tripped on a cobble stone and threw out my hand to steady me. My hand landed on a small window of an estate agents which was displaying the very cottage I had seen in my mind and it had been reduced in price making it affordable to me. Within six weeks I had moved into my character cottage with exactly the same specifications of my cosmic order.
One day I was standing in my gravelled garden observing the rose borders and felt I needed more top soil. My thoughts were disturbed as I heard a knock at my front door. Opening the door I was met by a gardener who announced that he was doing some landscaping work for a cottage five doors down and wondered if I knew of anyone who would like five wheel barrows of top soil!
I woke up one morning curious about why, in my dream, I had written a book about a spoon. The dream was floating in the back of my mind but my thoughts turned to updating my vision board. Vision boards are tools for manifesting abundance. Placing pictures and words relating to our universe shopping list, reinforces the energy around manifesting.
My current vision board contained images and words relating to career, family, relationships and travel. To add embellishment to my ordering, each request was placed in the relevant part of my vision board (pin board), according to the bagua, the Chinese feng shui chart depicting areas for work, home, career, success etc.
In the metal corner I duly placed my desire to write a book and tried to find a picture of something in metal to add to this corner.  I could only find a picture of some spoons. So I placed my typed-up statement that I had written a successful book on top of the spoons and lo and behold, months later I was dreaming of a book I had written a children's story about spoons. (see metal, creativity and children sector on the bagua).
The bagua - the main tool of Feng ShuiThe octagonal bagua displays eight areas plus the nineth in the centre. The nine different regions correspond to nine major areas of life - prosperity, fame and reputation, relationships, family, health, creativity and children, skills and knowledge, career and life path, and helpful people.

Align the rear edge of the bagua with the wall the front door is in.
Rear left: Prosperity - purple - element  wood
Rear middle: Fame and reputation - red - element fire
Rear right: Relationships and love - pink -element earth
Middle left: Family - green - element wood
Centre: Health - yellow - element earth
Middle right: Creativity and children - white - element metal
Front left: (bottom edge) Skills and knowledge blue - element earth
Front middle: (bottom edge) Career - black - element water
Front right: (bottom edge) Helpful people and travel - grey - element metal
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