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I was taught the art of Batik by a lovely friend of mine, Elaine Conway at the Queens's Park Centre, Aylesbury and have subsequently created my own style, adding embellishments.

I hope you enjoy viewing my work as much as I am enjoying the exploration of my creative right brain!

I now teach the art of Batik and for information on the new Batik workshops please click here. Batik Workshops

Batik is both an art and a craft, which is becoming more popular and well known in the West as a wonderfully creative medium. The art of decorating cloth in this way, using wax and dye, has been practised for centuries. In Java, Indonesia, batik is part of an ancient tradition, and some of the finest batik cloth in the world is still made there. The word batik originates from the Javanese tik and means to dot. 

This description is taken from the Batik Guild (link below)

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