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About me
I am an esoteric teacher, psychic medium, tarot reader/teacher, reiki master/teacher/ healer, past life regression therapist, hypnotherapist, transformational & inspirational speaker and spiritual Batik artist based in Buckinghamshire and my company name is Mimosawood.
I have studied psychology,  theosophy and the Tarot for several years and have a keen interest in working with the Tarot as it is an extremely powerful tool for delving into the psyche of the human mind.
Spiritual and physical growth.I must stress that I always express my beliefs and thoughts and do not wish to impose my views on anyone who has a particular belief or religion as I embrace the good in all religions.
My readings are always only for advice and guidance and advise my clients and students that they have free will and must find their own truths.
I had the good fortune to be born a Medium, having inherited my gifts clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience from both my grandmothers. For more than twenty years  I have been conducting readings and holding workshops in the UK, Spain, USA and Australia and have appeared on psychic television in the UK.
I now run various workshops and seminars all over the UK and I am also available for private:
Tarot readings conducted in person or via skype or telephone.
Reiki healing treatments.

Past Life Regression Therapy.

all held in the comfort of my treatment room.

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